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April 11, 2014 Book Reviewer Salute, Book Reviews 0

The Book JunkieBook bloggers are the best and I love meeting them and seeing their wonderful reviews. The Book Junkie is one of those book bloggers. You can check out her blog here and read this snippet from her review of Previously Loved Treasures –

This was just one of those books that leaves you feeling really good.  Not to say that it didn’t have its share of heartache and drama but when I closed the book, I felt satisfied that all of the characters were going to be ok.  At least, all the characters I cared about.

Ida is delightful, a grandmother and friend that anyone would be honored to have.  She was looking for her son and instead found a granddaughter.  This granddaughter, Caroline, was also looking for something, and Ida came at just the right time in her life when she needed her the most.  In fact, I think what I loved most about this book is that almost all of the characters accepted each other and grew to love each other, filling in the empty spaces in their hearts.  

Book bloggers are backbone of any author’s road to success. They get the word out you have a book worth reading to the general public. Drop by The Book Junkie and let her know if you like any of the books she’s reviewed.

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