Blogging #atozchallenge M is for Media Kit

April 15, 2014 Blog Hop, Book Reviewer Salute, Book Reviews, News & Events 0

Blogging A to Z Challenge M is for Media Kit

I met another wonderful blogger name Sandra at Crandom – A Little Bit of Everything. She has turned into another fan that reads and reviews my books and gets the word out about my stories. It’s great when book bloggers leave reviews, offer giveaways to generate interest and use my new media kit. Here’s a snippet of her review of Spare Change –

I had not heard of Bette Lee Crosby prior to her messaging me, but she has an amazing writing style and now I am hungry for more! What I liked the most about the novel is that the story is told from a third person point of view, but between the telling of the story you get little chapters that are almost like diary entries. These little ‘entries’ are only around a page long, two pages at most and they are told in first person point of view. These short little chapters allow us to see into what the character is thinking and what they are feeling at a more personal level then the third person point of view would have allowed. 

Sandra hasn’t been blogging very long but it’s important to support new book bloggers as much as they support you. Really, can there ever be too many book bloggers? Please stop by her blog and check out her reviews. The blog also covers other things you might find interesting. If you ever need information about me and my books, check out the media kit. I’ve tried to keep it very thorough but if you see something I’m missing, leave a comment and let me know!

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