Bette’s Best Fans and Friends Clubhouse – The Reader Salute

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Memory House is my newest release. The gals in my Best Fans and Friends Clubhouse got a sneak peak and here’s what they had to say about it:

Bette’s Best Fans and Friends Clubhouse – The Reader Salute

Aline: A magical story.

Donna: A Heart-warming story that has you thinking long after.

Cathy: Loved traveling along with Annie!

Linda: Heart-warming story with a message on how to know when you have found the ONE.

Michelle: The memories and unlikely friendships and connections of life that leave you with a smile.

Deborah: Memories, like love, can last for an eternity and beyond.

Donna: I just finished it and absolutely loved it. Bette is so good at telling a story and I am amazed that this one incorporated so many of the characters I have come to know through reading her novels. Superb!

Candy: Loved seeing where characters were at know from Bette’s other books in this series and what memories were discovered!

Hattie: A terrific and heartwarming story with a few past characters. Loved it!

Joy: Just finished it last night – heartwarming story that left me wanting more, I loved it!! Not only heartwarming but the magical memories coming from the items makes it a magical story as well.

Michelle: I’m in love with this sweet story.

Linda: I love the way she tied other stories in with this one. If you read the other books you will know what each one is. Loved it…

Check your favorite online retailer, Memory House is available for pre-order!

Memory House

Memory House

Series: Memory House Collection, Book 1
Publisher: Bent Pine Publishing
ISBN: 9780996080361
About the Book

Available on Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, GooglePlay – CLICK HERE


Ophelia Browne knows the answer is yes. She knows because she’s been granted the unique gift of finding and caring for forgotten memories. But now she’s nearing ninety, and Browne women seldom live beyond such an age.

Before time runs out Ophelia must find her successor…someone who can carry forth the gift and keep the memories from fading. When broken-hearted Annie Cross shows up on the doorstep of The Memory House Bed and Breakfast, Ophelia knows she is the one.

As the two women sip dandelion tea and share stories, Annie begins to uncover new memories. Ugly ones. Ones buried deep enough to hide the scars. Excitement turns to fear when a thread of violence begins to unravel and Ophelia knows they have gone too far.

Literary Awards for Memory House –

FAPA President’s Book Award

Praise for Memory House –

“A magical book of memories, treasures and stories from a Masterful Southern Storyteller…” Judith D. Collins, top 1000 Reviewer

“Magical realism that will enchant…” Heidi, Rainy Day Ramblings

“Wonderful, heartwarming story of love and life…” Sherry Fundin, Reviewer

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