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Maryellen reviews Jubilee’s Journey – The Reader Salute

Maryellen reviews Jubilee’s Journey – The Reader Salute

“His death came as no surprise to anyone. He was one of the countless men forever lost to the mine. They were men loved and mourned by their families, but to the world they were faceless, nameless people, not worthy of mention in the Charleston Times.”

And so it begins, JUBILEE’S JOURNEY . For it was Jubilee Jones’s father, Bartholomew Jones, who died that day in the mine leaving seven year old Jubilee and her sixteen year old brother Paul, alone in the world. The life of a coal miner has never been an easy one. Fraught with uncertainty and the seemingly never-ending debt to “The Company”, Bartholomew Jones did his best to provide for his children. In the end, the coal company would ask the children to leave the “Company house”, the only home that either of them had ever known.

Ever since Jubilee was a baby, Paul has been taking care of her. He made a promise that he’d always take care of his little sister.

With no place else to go and only the small backpack containing everything they own in the world, the children board a bus and travel to Wyattsville, VA in search of their only living relative, Aunt Anita. They have never known their Aunt Anita as she and the children’s mother had been estranged for years.

Almost as soon as these children make it to Wyattsville, Paul and Jubilee become separated. Paul is in the wrong place at the wrong time during an armed robbery. As Jubilee waits hours for Paul to return, she meets twelve year old Ethan Allen, a precocious young man who lives with his Grandma Olivia. With no sign of Paul, Ethan Allen, convinces a scared and alone Jubilee to come to his Grandmother’s apartment at the Wyattsville Arms Building. A building where one child is scarcely being tolerated, let alone two.

Bette Lee Crosby grabs you from the very first paragraph of this book taking you to the heart of Appalachia’s coal mines. And then she takes your heart and wraps it around the tiny little finger of Jubilee Jones. Though this book is the second in The Wyattsville Series, it can also be read as a standalone. Fair warning though, once I read JUBILEE’S JOURNEY it was quite clear that I wanted to know more about Ethan Allen and his Grandma Olivia, both of whom were introduced in the first book of “The Wyattsville Series” called SPARE CHANGE .

✰✰✰✰✰ More if I could award them.

Jubilee’s Journey

Jubilee’s Journey

Series: Wyattsville Series, Book 2
Publisher: Bent Pine Publishing
ISBN: 9780989128926
An Award-Winning Family Saga When tragedy strikes a West Virginia coal mining family...
About the Book

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When tragedy strikes a West Virginia coal mining family, two orphaned children start out on a trek that they hope will lead them to a new life. Before a day passes, the children are separated and the boy is caught up in a robbery not of his making. If his sister can find him, she may be able to save him. The problem is she’s only seven years old, and who’s going to believe a kid?

A 20th Century Historical Mystery, Jubilee’s Journey is a tale of discovering lost family and finding love. This award-winning cozy mystery reconnects readers with Ethan Allen and the heart-warming characters of SPARE CHANGE.

Jubilee’s Journey is the winner of the Royal Palm Literary Award and the FPA President’s Book Award Gold Medal.

Literary Awards for Jubilee’s Journey –

FPA President’s Book Award Winner
Finalist in the Royal Palm Literary Award 2014.
Finalist in the International Book Awards 2014.
Indie Book of the Day 2014.
Amazon Historical Mystery Bestseller

Praise for Jubilee’s Journey-

It is the kind of story that takes you back in time and makes you long for days gone by. It tells us bad things can happen to good people but if you keep faith and keep going, good things are possible. Good people are out there. It is this message that makes this book uplifting. I wish I could give it more than 5 stars. – Alaskan Book Cafe

Upon reaching the end of Jubilee’s Journey, I blinked, held the book to my chest, and sighed. I slowly left their world. So moving, so powerful was this story, I tried to hang onto it, to keep everyone close. Thank you for gifting me Jubilee’s Journey, Bette. There is no better gift than words on a page. – fuonlyknew

Bette Lee Crosby writes stories as if they are biographies. They are full of the cruelties and unfairness of life, but also the beauty and wonder. The worlds and dialogue are so real, I feel as if I am there and I feel frustrated because I do not know what to do to help. She packs so much life and realism into her novels, sometimes a BOX of tissues is not enough. I laugh and cry with the characters. I go through their highs and lows, their ups and downs, all the while trying to figure out how Bette is going to make this end with a happy ever after. The ending left me begging for more. I was sitting on the edge of my seat as if my happiness was on the line. – fundinmental

Crosby also paints imagery like a true artist. The imagery she uses to describe the men, for instance, who work in the coal mines, is devastating as well as hauntingly beautiful; and so real. What the men in the coal mines had to experience was truly heartbreaking and she allows us as readers to catch a very real glimpse of that world. Crosby paints pictures using just the right words to bring you into a world you may have known nothing about before. – The Silver Petticoat Review

Jubilee’s Journey blends several genres together making it a captivating read. It is a tale of growth, hope and inspiration, with a mystery weaved into it as people in Wyattsville move to help this young child and her brother. – Caffeinated Book Reviewer

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