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August 9, 2013 Book Reviewer Salute 5

the blogger saluteThere are so many wonderful sites that both review and promote Indie Authors and I thought it would be nice to take a moment out of what is always a busy day and say thanks…

Here are three Websites that I highly recommend subscribing to and following:

A Book and A Review – great book reviews, author interviews & more. This gal is an Amazon Top Reviewer

Storeybook Reviews – A peek inside the book, book reviews, author interviews and giveaways

Free Kindle Books – this is where you can find highly rated books that are offered FREE on Amazon – visit the site daily or sign on to follow and build a great book collection

Enjoy reading!

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    Hi Bette, earlier this week my daughter attended a dental visit with me. As always she had her kindle with her, which struck up a conversation with a very nice gentleman. He seemed impressed on how much my 13yr old loved to read and suggested your books. The gentlemens name was Ron, a neighbor of yours. It was extremely nice to have met him and to have found you thru him. My daughter is an aspiring author and I was reading to her all your accomplishments to her for more encouragement. We look forward to down loading your books soon! Stacey and Madison


    Bette Lee Crosby

    Hi Stacy & Madison,

    Thank you for your lovely note. I would absolutely encourage your daughter to continue writing and to also read, read, read. In every book she reads she will learn something. Also listen, look and learn to observe; the more you know about human nature, the better you will be at understanding it and writing about it. I wish your daughter a world of success.

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