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The Liebster Award…

Women’s Fiction Writer Christine Nolfi kindly nominated me for the Liebster Award for blogging. What is the Liebster? Well, it’s a rather fun challenge that asks me to: 1) tell you 11 random facts about myself; 2) answer 11 questions which Christine sent; 3) nominate 11 authors; and   4) send them… Read more »

Happy, happy, happy

What is a blog for if not to share the good and bad times of our life. This is one of the good times. Hubby and I recently elebrated our 26th wedding anniversary and he urprised me with  beautiful bouquet of white roses. There was also dinner and a show. We saw… Read more »

A Very Merry Book Club…

It’s December…and despite the fact that I love reading (almost anything, including labels and the back of cereal boxes) my book club does not have a December book…instead we have a party!  And what a party it was! This year the party was at my house and after Linda’s November… Read more »


Book lovers who read on Kindle are already aware of the highlighting feature …you see a passage you like and can electronically highlight it… not only can you highlight your favorite passages, but you can also see what other Kindle readers have highlighted. This awesome feature is now available for… Read more »


Okay, we are officially getting into the spirit it of the season and since December is reserved for our annual Book Club Christmas party, our hostess Linda Faria selected James Patterson’s “A Christmas Wedding” as our November book club read and she created a party theme to suit the mood of the… Read more »


There are book clubs and then there are BOOK CLUBS! The Gals at the Cascades have one of THOSE BOOK CLUBS. You know the kind I mean… a book club that everyone wants to become part of. They read great books, share yummy snacks, have interesting discussions …and grow their membership. In fact, their membership… Read more »


Okay, it’s always special when I can get together  with Book Clubs for a discussion of one of my books…but this group was beyond special…I was blown away by the energy, enthusiasm, and community involvement of this group. So without further ado, meet the gals from the Coral Gables Women’s… Read more »