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CLUBHOUSE BFF’s are the Best!

By Bette Lee Crosby / September 19, 2013

As many of my followers know, I have a private Clubhouse Group on Facebook…it’s called Bette’s BFF Clubhouse. The BFF stands for Best Friends & Fans, and they truly are. You might think that because it’s a fan club, we all go there to gush about my books…but you would be so wrong. The reason the Clubhouse is by invitation only is so that no one but the members can see our conversations… we are free to talk about anything we want and kn.....

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The Green Side of the Mountain – Part 2

By Bette Lee Crosby / August 30, 2013

Many years have passed since I spent summer vacations in Coal Fork, West Virginia…and during those years a number of things happened.  Rita, the third sister, discovered she was unable to have children and adopted a little girl; a few years later Breast Cancer took her life and the child was sent to live with Ruth and Clifford. The boys grew up and went off to college; two ultimately became teachers and the third a Pastor. Ruth, a woman who could see beauty in everything, lost her e.....

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On the Green Side of the Mountain – Part 1

By Bette Lee Crosby / August 26, 2013

We live in a world where plenty is the norm, where kids wear designer sneakers and carry the latest technology in their back pocket. We become agitated when our computer takes more than 29 seconds to boot. We text our friends, download a new movie and send out for sushi…but how often do we stop to consider how truly fortunate we are to have all this at our fingertips? Oh, we read about brave and noble characters who have overcome life’s toughest challenges, and weR.....

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