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That quilt reminds me – What Matters Most

That quilt reminds me – What Matters Most When the woman asked if the quilt was for sale, Louise shook her head.  “No,” she said. “That quilt reminds me of the things I’d almost forgotten.” Five days before Christmas, Louise had Ernie take the Fullness of Life quilt down from the wall. She folded it carefully and packed it in a sturdy brown cardboard box. Then she took out a piece of paper with an address on it—a piece of paper that she’d tucked into her p.....

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I felt his heartbeat – fridayfiction

I felt his heartbeat – fridayfiction It began the day she showed me the bicycle in the storage shed. The minute I touched it, I heard a boy’s laughter. The sound of his laughter so intrigued me that I wanted to know more about him. The thing is, you can’t just pull a memory out of something the way you’d pull a splinter from your finger. It takes time and lots of love. For months I worked on that bicycle, polishing it, shining it and always listening for a.....

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