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APRIL IS ALL ABOUT AUTHORS…AND A LOVE OF READING STARTS EARLY Jodie Brownlee wanted to be a genie when she grew up. Then she discovered a genie could spend centuries locked in a bottle, so Jodie decided to write about them instead. Although she writes about Ruby’s adventures, Jodie has quite a few of her own. She’s… Read more »


I find very few things that are more fun than getting together with other book-lovers and talking about…what else…books! This past week was just chock full of such fun and here’s why… On Tuesday, the local book club I belong to had their meeting and we discussed last month’s read… Read more »


For the past week, the Goodreads Ladies & Literature Group had been running a “Caption the Photo” contest to introduce my latest novel Spare Change to the ladies of the group. Oh what fun we had! The photo to be captioned was the one shown here and the captions were… Read more »


Had to share this with my readers – a Goodreads contest that’s fun and easy. Here’s the link This contest is in the Ladies and Literature Group. They have a ‘Caption the Photo’ contest going with…what else…my books as the prizes. And, there are 3 prizes up for grabs. By some… Read more »

A Talk at the Temple

‘Tis the season for lots of book talk events and revisiting some of the lovely ladies I have spoken with in previous years. On Tuesday of this week – Valentine’s Day – I had a sweetheart of an afternoon. First I visited with the Sisterhood at the Temple Beth El Israel,… Read more »

The Audacity of An Editor

This article was contributed by Ekta Garg, a professional writer who edits manuscripts, writes for,  numerous other publications and her own site The Write Edge. To learn more about Ekta and her work, visit  “You write to communicate to the hearts and minds of others what’s burning inside you…. Read more »

Readers Speak

Thanks to all the Goodreads members who have made Spare Change the #1 choice on the Listopedia list of “Best Unknown Books” – I am both honored and awed. I can only hope that everyone who read the book and enjoyed it will pass the word along to their friends… Read more »


The following article was written by Alle Wells, a Southern author who impressed me by combining her awareness of food and it’s place in our life with her writting skills…the result was an eye-opening little book called “Lame Excuses”  This is Alle’s first novel, but I think moving forward we’ll see some… Read more »

Hot Off The Press

SPARE CHANGE is now in the top ten on Goodreads Listopedia list of “Best Unknown Books” – Of course my goal is make it “known” so friends, fans and fellow writers,  if you’re a member of Goodreads, please swing by and vote for it – here’s the link

The Promise of 2012

Looking back, I must say 2011 was an exciting year, but 2012 holds even greater promise. In 2011, Bent Pine Publishing took me into the world of Digital Publishing with the release of both Spare Change and Cracks in the Sidewalk in Kindle and Nook formats…and what a ride it… Read more »