Blogging #atozchallenge V is for Victory

April 25, 2014 Blog Hop, Fan Fun, News & Events 2

It might be silly but I just can’t help getting excited when I see my books do well on Amazon, like The Twelfth Child being listed as and Amazon #1 Best Seller and when I see my name make the top five list of literary fiction writers. Can’t help but take pictures too. So V is for Victory!! My small victory in seeing people read and like my stories. It lets me know spending all this time writing is time well-spent. A huge thank you to all the readers that make it possible!

Amazon Author Rank The Twelfth Child Best Seller

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    Janet Johnson

    I just finished Jubilee’s Journey. I have totally loved Spare Change, Cracks In The Sidewalk and Now Jubilee’s Journey. Your writing is wonderful and I find I have a hard time putting down your books. Thank you for being on Facebook and getting to know you as well as your work. God has truly blessed many of us thru your stories.

  2. Bette Lee Crosby

    Janet, that is thoughtful for you to say. Thank you! It’s so great when readers take the time to drop by and say something like this.

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