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Classic Blogging A to Z Challenge

Classic…that’s what you would have to call the novel Rebecca¬†by Daphne du Maurier. It’s not the

latest read hot read, but it was the May selection for our book club. I probably would not have otherwise picked it up, but once I got started I truly enjoyed it.

The book was written in 1938 and although sometimes the pace of the story was a bit slow it Rebecca17899948moved into a suspenseful plot and unforgettable characters. With the most delicate brush strokes duMaurier painted a moody and dark picture of the house and grounds known as Manderley- on the seaside of Southwest England. Throughout the story a young bride battles the ghost of her husband’s now dead first wife–Rebecca. The narrator of the story is known only by the name of Mrs. deWinter, her first name is never given.

I enjoyed the Afterward almost as much as I did the book. It gave great insight into the life of duMaurier herself, which in turn gave me a deeper understanding of why she portrayed the narrating character as she did. For the time, this was extremely courageous writing.

This is not the type of book you hurry through. To read Rebecca, you need to settle with a warm cup of tea, some tasty biscuits and a cozy fire, but once you do, it is a rewarding read.

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    I so enjoyed this book and hadn’t previously realised that the writing was courageous for it’s time. I will stay tuned for further book ideas.

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