Blogging #atozchallenge E is for Edits

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Blogging A to Z Challenge E is for edits

Edits are the bane of an authors existence.

I hate doing edits. I double-hate doing edits. Edits feel like an elephant sitting on your shoulders and they often seem just about as slow.

Fortunately I have a wonderful Editor and her name happens to start with an E.

2014-02-10 19.47.17

Ekta Garg. She is an awesome editor and a delight to work with. This coming fall Ekta is going to do the NaNoWriMo… oh dear, if my wonderful editor turns writer, I may have to reclassify her under W. Stay tuned.

To find out more about my wonderful editor check out the post I did earlier when I got to meet Ekta in person at Disney.

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    Ekta Garg

    You’re so sweet, Bette! It’s easy to do what I do when I have such wonderful source material; I always look forward to your books. So glad we got a chance to see each other in February.

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