Finger Reader – audio reading device for your finger!

July 10, 2014 Fan Fun 0

Finger Reader – audio reading device for your finger!

eye-clip-art-ndc8MdoTeA BIT OF NEWS TOO GOOD NOT TO SHARE. Eyesight is a precious thing and sometimes you don’t even realize how precious it is until you’ve lost it. I know because I have very little forward vision in my left eye. So cheers for the genius or geniuses working on this latest innovation.


Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are developing an audio reading device to be worn on the index finger of people whose vision is impaired, giving them affordable and immediate access to printed words.

The so-called Finger-Reader, a prototype produced by a 3-D printer, fits like a ring on the user’s finger and is equipped with a small camera that scans text. A synthesesized voice reads words aloud quickly translating books, restaurant menus, and other materials necessary for daily living, especially away from home or office.


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