Happy Birthday for August!

August 3, 2016 Fan Fun 17


Happy Birthday for August!

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17 Responses to “Happy Birthday for August!”

  1. karen94066@aol.com'


    My birthday was yesterday, but I am celebrating all week…I always start series at the beginning, or any of your stand alone books would be good too.
    Thank you.

  2. lauriernc@aol.com'

    Laurie Picillo

    My birthday is 8/13…
    I would love the very first “Memory House”.
    This is my very favorite book.
    Sending hugs, <3

  3. anne@rightler.com'

    Anne L. Rightler

    Happy bday to the August ones! Our 2 yr old granddaughter has and 8/4 bday and we have nieces too! Our big day in August is the 3rd…our anniversary. #48 this year!

  4. wicksteve@bellsouth.net'

    Wick Stevens

    I turned 69 on August 05, 2016. I have worked all my life, never having time to sit and read the many books I longed to enjoy because of raising my children while working a long 10 hour day, and now that I have retired, I am so looking forward to escaping into a new and favored world with your characters. I’d love to win your August free book for my birthday. And if I do, would you be kind and write a little note to me on it. You see, I then can envision your words to me and how you sat and thought of the characters and put it to paper. It would then put me in your room enjoying you, as an author, writing the story as I would now be reading it. Thank you, Wick Stevens

  5. scooterbabeieee@yahoo.com'

    Burma Turner

    My birthday is August 31 and I would love to win a copy of Cracks In The Sidewalk. I love your books. Thank you for the opportunity! 🙂

  6. nswern@indy.rr.com'

    Nancy Swern

    I would love a copy of Previously Loved Treasures. Could you autograph it???? My birthday is the 29th. Thanks a bunch.

  7. bbeell@windstream.net'

    Barbara Ell

    I’d love to win any of them, but if I had to choose, I would select “Memory House.” Thank you for the chance.

  8. Toz820@yahoo.com'

    Diane T

    There are so many to chose from…. I think ‘Cracks in the Sidewalk’ sounds interesting.

  9. wicksteve@bellsouth.net'

    Wick Stevens

    Raining here in Port St Lucie, FL………now, you know, Bette Lee (Crosby)….this would be a wonderful day to read one of your great books for my Birthday (August 05…born 1947). I’d love to read “Silver Threads”. Being on Social Security with a disabled husband, makes it difficult to buy new books (I usually buy used or download free eBooks for my Nook) but I’d really love to have the opportunity to read all your books). “Passing Through Perfect” looks like it would be….well, PERFECT… 🙂 They all look perfect!! Have a great day, Bette Lee and smile at the rain, for even the birds need a bath. Wicksteve@bellsouth.com Wick Stevens, PSL, FL

  10. spunkilady3@aol.com'

    Phyllis Ballou

    Dear Bette Lee, I just purchased three or four of your delightful, warming and inspiring books: Memory House: a favorite of mine. and two others: Passing Through Perfect It was about a loving black man, a farmer, whose wife and son were run down on a rainy night by a drunken man. It dealt with racial issues in a southern state to which the man and son traveled to try and change their fortune and get beyond the loss of the wife and mother. It was a marvelous book. The third one I purchased was Spare change and have not read it yet. My daughter lives in London, England and I would love to send her for her birthday a copy of the Memory House. Her Birthday is Aug. 20th. 2016. I plan to purchase all you books. Thank you for writing such lovely, thought-provoking and touching books. Keep it up! God bless your efforts in His service, PB

  11. fanwoodsbeagles1@aol.com'

    Valerie Barabas

    My Birthday is Aug 1, 1952 I just found your site how, hope it’s not too late for the birthday book. I love the 2 books of yours that I have already read.
    I just finished Spare Change, I loved it. I have also read Cracks in the Sidewalk. Both are very good book
    The next one I want to read is Jubilee’s Journey
    Thank you for your well written books.

  12. lane.brianp@gmail.com'

    Brian Lane

    I don’t do birthdays anymore; too old. But I would love to win Memory House.

    PS, Yes, male who reads all stuff.

  13. lovejoanmarie@icloud.com'

    Joan Love Cieminski

    My birthday is August 18th, I would love the opportunity to win one of your books. It would be a great birthday present! The book I would choose is ‘ Blueberry Hill’ as I have four sisters. It would even be more special if you could autograph the book for me also. Thanks for the chance to win.
    Joan Love Cieminski

  14. maria.martinez082463@gma.com'

    Maria Martinez

    My birthday is August 24 is a wonderful to reading What Matters Most and thanks for this opportunity.

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