Happy Birthday for July!

July 2, 2016 Fan Fun 28


Happy Birthday for July!

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28 Responses to “Happy Birthday for July!”

  1. spike5271943@aol.com'

    Julie Stafford

    My birthday is July 4. I turned 68 and have been an avid reader since I learned to read. Thank you so much for this chance.

    Cracks in the Sidewalk is the book I choose should I win.

  2. jane.limberis@gmail.com'

    Jane limbgeris

    I have read all your books except What the heart Remembers so that is my pick.love each and every book.

  3. jane.limberis@gmail.com'

    Jane limberis

    Love each of your books.My Birthday is the 7th.Would like what the heart remembers

  4. bj705@yahoo.com'

    Bonnie Jean Thompson

    It’s my birthday today, July 6. I think I’d like to read What Matters Most!

  5. hseaside5@aim.com'

    Lisa Hagenbucher

    I would like to receive a copy of The Loft if I win the drawing for July birthdays. Thank you!

  6. drburfield@comcast.net'

    Donna Burfield

    I would love to win Baby Girl for my birthday on July 24th. Thank you for the opportunity.

  7. DPanzy@aol.com'

    Donna Panzardo

    My birthday is the 13th I think I would like Baby Girl haven’t read that one yet. Thank you so much.

  8. blondie1969@juno.com'


    Thank you so much for the birthday wish, who could ask for a better gift than a book!!! I’d love to have Cracks in the Sidewalk.


  9. manyjobsmary@gmail.com'

    Mary Flaherty

    My birthday is July 10! And I think the only book of yours that I haven’t read is Blueberry Hill. Would love to win a paperback copy of that. Thanks for your inspiring writing, Bette.

  10. Donarussell1216@gmail.com'

    Dona Russell

    I would love to read “Silver Threads”!!!!

  11. darholley1@aol.com'

    Darlene Holley

    My birthday is July 10th, If I am picked to win I would love a copy of Previously Loved Treasures.

  12. jasnir1976@yahoo.com'

    Sarah Gray

    My birthday is July 16th and if I won I would love The Loft! Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  13. ginabadina02@aol.com'

    Gina Smith

    Hi. My birthday was July 3. I would love to win a copy of Cracks in the Sidewalk. Thanks for the chance!

  14. danyellewadsworth@gmail.com'

    Danyelle Wadsworth

    I would love to win What the Heart Remembers

  15. linda_bass@sbcglobal.net'




  16. marycheverie@yahoo.com'


    My birthday is the 25th. Any of the books would be nice

  17. ncstraits@yahoo.com'

    Abbey Straits

    My birthday was July 3. I’d love any of your books!

    CONGRATULATIONS ABBEY! I’ll be emailing you to find out what book you’d like. And Happy Birthday! – Bette

  18. jettlaag@aol.com'

    Barbara Huff

    I stumbled onto a copy of Memory House. What a lucky day that was for me as I was quickly reeled in and “joined” the lives and stories nestled among the pages. If my July 27 birthday is the one selected, I would be thrilled with any of your books. Continued successes!!

  19. strbryldyg@aol.com'


    Happy Birthday to all July readers!My day is on the 12th and I will be 69 years young.All of the books are on my list but if I were to win I would like Cracks In The Sidewalk. Good luck to all!!

  20. tombunny1@yahoo.com'


    I was introduced to your books when I read Memory House, I loved this book and would love to read The Loft. My birthday is July 27th.

  21. minnie725@live.com'

    Denise Toups

    My birthday is July 25 and I will be 35. Thank you for a chance. I would love Memory House.

  22. nrslalee00@yahoo.com'

    LaGina Reese

    Happy Birthday to all the July babies. I would so love to have a signed book from you.

  23. lois.hamilton@verizon.net'

    Lois Hamilton

    I turned 67 on July 4th! I’d love to read What Matters Most!
    Thank you!

  24. sharonsteele2014@gmail.com'

    Sharon steele

    love all your books.. the silver thread please and thank you

  25. katham20@yahoo.com'

    Kathie Hamilton

    BOOKS!!! I LOVE THEM!!! If I should win, I would love to receive The Twelfth Child. THANK YOU AGAIN!!


    Kathie Hamilton

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