Blogging #atozchallenge I is for Individuality

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Blogging A to Z Challenge I is for Individuality


Individuality…we all have it, but do we all use it?  I direct this question to authors more than anyone else. Why, because as authors we can so easily fall into the trap of doing what everyone else has done. Or doing what has proven successful for someone else. It’s part of the author mentality. We start out being ourselves, then somewhere along the road a quest for success kicks in and we give in to emulating someone wh has been more successful than we have.

STOP IT …Right now. Whoever you think you might want to imitate, may be nowhere near as wonderful as you are. It could be that you’re the one destined to write the next Pulitzer Prize Winner…but it will never happen if you hide that individual talent in a look-alike of someone else.

If you give in and start following the pack, or in some cases just trying t blend into the pack, you will never be anything more than a copy. Copies are a dime a dozen, but an original is priceless. Be an original.

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    Linda S Moore

    That was really a good thing to read. It applies to anyone really. Thanks for sharing Bette. 🙂

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