Name a Character in my New Book!

May 12, 2016 Fan Fun 22


Name a Character in my New Book!

Here’s your chance to name a character in my new book that I’m working on right now called Silver Thread. Just comment with a fictional name for a bad character and your name for a good character.

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    Heather Stanley

    What fun!!! I think Austin Melanson would be a great bad guy 🙂 and I’d love to be a good one (Heather Rae)


    Nancy Swern

    Bad – Darlene

    Good – Melanie (as in Miss Melanie of Gone With the Wind fame)


    Barbara Zenger

    For the Women
    Good Character: Barbara
    Bad Character: Cora

    For the Men
    Good Character: Henry
    Bad Character: Damose



    Naznin – it means ‘the most beautiful girl’…


    Liette Bougie

    Lyette, with a “y” instead of an “i” – actually, it’s how my name was spelled on my birth certificate.


    Liette Bougie

    And I forgot a bad character. How about Prunella for a woman and Tyrone for a man.


    Barry Collins

    Sylvester for fictional and Nathaniel for good.

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