Newsletter subscribers giveaway!

August 11, 2015 Fan Fun 22

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Newsletter subscribers giveaway!

Here’s a special contest just for my newsletter subscribers!

What getaway place holds a special memory for you – a cozy nook on the back porch? a day at a special park or beach? a country or vacation?

Who knows, your comments might show up in a forthcoming book…

22 Responses to “Newsletter subscribers giveaway!”


    Susan Roberts

    My husband and I travel a lot now that we are retired. My favorite place to visit is Paris. My special memory of Paris is not in the busy touristy area but in a small park where my husband and I sat and talked and enjoyed the scenery for hours. It was a beautiful day and it was a real oasis from the walking and traveling that we’d been doing.


    Michelle Willms

    My grandfather’s house has a lovely white swing. Sometimes in the summer, I’d sit on that old swing with my books and read, while the summer breeze gently moved the swing and perfumed the air with the scent of honeysuckle and freshly mowed grass. I can think of few more peaceful moments in my life.



    The River Walk in San Antonio, Texas holds special memories for me. I visited it often in the 80’s when I was enlisted in the military. The food was great and the boat rides on the waterway were fantastic. If you get a chance you should visit.



    My getaway would be reading a book curled up on the couch or a beach day with the family


    yaritza santana

    My getaway place that always has been an awesome memory has been my trips to Long Branch Beach in NJ. It was the first beach I had been too in a very long time with my amazing, fun and funny boyfriend. Just love how peaceful it is at the beach with your other half.


    Mary Goodman

    My favorite place to read has always been my bedroom.This is the place where I can pick up a book and put on some music and relax


    LInda S Moore

    The best ever getaway for me was the summer we got to take our oldest and at the time only granddaughter with us to Florida. My sister and her husband, who is my hubby’s brother, went and took their two grandchildren and we had such a wonderful time. It was Kaitlyn’s very first time to get to go to the beach. She was 4 years old and had a blast. We took her to Marine World and had a blast and other places. But it was best watching her on the beach and us building sand castles everyday. She had so much fun and seeing the smiles and laughter we brought to her sweet face was priceless to me. I LOVE THAT LITTLE GIRL. Who is taller than me now.



    When I was a teenager, I would hide on our back porch and read. When my family was on a bowling league, I would hide in the game room behind the big arcade game where no one would see me and read


    Marcia Burgett

    Some years ago now, I was single, in need of a special time and place, and decided to drive from Minneapolis, MN – to Rapid City, SD – perchance to see the sights and travel through Custer State Park, and maybe the “black hills.” At one point I found myself on the road to the highest black hill, when it began to rain. I got out of my car, walked 50 yards to a place where the land dropped off and all around were the “black hills”, with a burned-out forest area far, far below. The rain was coming harder and harder, so I looked for a place to tuck myself to stay dry until the storm passed. Amazingly, there was a hollowed out place in the rocks, overlooking all the scene below – the mountaintops above – and so I curled myself into that hollowed out place in the rock. The storm howled. The wind blew. Lightning was coming down in streaks, hitting the tops of each of the big black hills around me. It was other-worldly. As I watched the ‘show’ I was taken to my inner self, fear and all, amazement and all, and I have never been the same since, and never forgotten that moment. And never will, unless my mind goes as I age. A most amazing situation, place, and atmosphere for contemplation, and recognizing the miracle of life itself. The rain eventually stopped, I left the snuggly rock shelter, passed a bunny rabbit on my hike back to my car, got in, wiped the rain away, and began the drive back down to the bottom of the Black Hills once again. Only God and I knew I was there. And maybe that little bunny rabbit…


    Becky Holl

    I have been to Alaska twice, and each time I was so amazed and taken back by the God’s great creations.


    Deborah Blanchard

    My favorite getaway memory is of Moody’s Island in Maine. When I was younger my Mom and Dad always took us there in a big green school bus that my Dad had converted into a camper. Now just imagine when all 12 of us kids went there. I used to love toasting marshmallows and swimming in the lake. My Mom and Dad are both gone now, I hope they know how very much I treasure the memories that they helped us make. Singing songs and going to see the old miner and mining for gold in the rivers. These are some of my forever memories.



    My favorite getaway memory was taking my husband to my grandparents house in Connecticut (we live in CA) and getting to show him all the surroundings and tell the stories. We had just inherited it and needed to clean it out. We found lots of wonderful treasures & since we had no tv, no internet, no computers, we had lots of time to reconnect. He tells everyone it was our second honeymoon….



    Living in Scotland I have visited many many castle and ruins as I just love the history steeped in these stones and they set my fantasy flying.
    Though I did stumble on a very special ruin on an outlying cliff not far from our home. It is open for people’s visits and car parking is provided in a farms backyard. You have to walk down quite a steep cliff to get out into the sea. The view is amazing and certainly in my mind there are several novels steeped in this setting.
    The place is the ruin of “Findlater Castle” in Banffshire.
    Sometimes you can even see dolphins or seals.
    It just holds a special place in my heart and I will miss this when we move to the US next month.


    Rachelle Lerner

    There is a motel in Chambersburg, PA thathas an area where you can buy fishfood and feed fish. Ilike to think about that place as the memory rekaxesme.


    Michelle James

    Even as a child I always had a book in hand. Every moment I could squeeze in a page or two, I was reading. In our backyard, there was a stone wall behind my mother’s flower garden and at the top of the wall there was a lovely tree with branches that were perfect for climbing. At one particular junction of the branches, there was a curious arrangement of the branches that formed a seat with another branch to support my back. From here, I had a view of the farmland around us and the river off in the distance. In was quiet up there, and shielded from view, I found my little heaven on earth. It was here I went to read away from the hustle and bustle of life with my five siblings. It was my own little book nook.


    Gladys McClain

    The guy I was dating took me for a ride in the country in Wisconsin, we stopped at a small clearing beside the road and walked on a seldom used path through the woods up the side of a steep hill. I had no idea where we were going. When we got to the top, the view was unbelievably beautiful. I had no idea this place existed. The view, the smile he gave me and the feeling of sharing this secret spot made me fall in love with this special man all over again. We sat in the grass and talked and it was magical to me. We will be married 35 years in a couple months and the memory of that day still warms my heart. He knew a simple, beautiful place and shared it with me. It made me feel special that day and the memory still makes me smile.


    Alicia Klick

    At home it is my front porch where I will read while my dogs play in the late evenings.

    Not at home it is at a house in a small town in RI. It is my special getaway place once a year where I see family, have time to read and relax and rejuvenate. It is beautiful and quiet and a truly special place to be at any time of the year.



    My favorite getaway is to walk along the beach either at sunrise or sunset when there are hardly any other people there. It is so relaxing hearing the waves and seagulls and smelling the fresh salt air.



    My very favorite place in a little place called “Topsail Island” in North Carolina.
    Quiet, peaceful and my dogs can run on the beach,sunbathe, or watch the dolphins play, while I read. A perfect getaway!

  20. Bette Lee Crosby

    Congratulations Lina! You won the giveaway. I’m sending you an email to let you know. Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful comments!


    Jeanie Dannheim

    There have been different places for different seasons of my life. One back home was at the State Park, where one could see the Saginaw Bay and be soothed by the waves and going barefoot through the sand. In Tucson it was the hill behind San Xavier Mission. Never have found a cozy place in Phoenix. A day trip to Flagstaff or Prescott, pines and flowers. Or anyplace at home where I can curl up with a cat is perfect!

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