May 22, 2016 Fan Fun 67



Passing through Perfect is a finalist for the 2016 RONE Award at InD’tale. Now it’s up to you…

VOTE for Passing through Perfect

Voting is only open for one week from May 23rd – May 29th.

Step by step directions

1) You must be registered to vote on their website, meaning you have to set up an account.

2) Once registered, you will be sent an email. Click the verification link in that email. This is to verify you are actually the one who registered, and to help prevent spammers.

3) After you click the verification link sent via email, you will be able to go back to the website and vote by clicking the button next to Passing through Perfect.

***You must be logged in to do so.***


CLICK HERE to get started by registering.

Then CLICK HERE or on the tab InD’Scribe/RONEs – 2016 RONE awards – Week Six

Passing through Perfect is in the category – Inspirational

How about that giveaway?

I’ve got my fingers crossed on this one because readers play such an important part in deciding the winner… so… if I am lucky enough to win because of my wonderful fans and followers, I plan to thank you by giving away 50 (yes Fifty!) e-book copies of Passing through Perfect.

If you are a winner and have already read this heartwarming story you can choose to gift the copy to a friend or select another book.

BUT this great GIVEAWAY only happens if I WIN, so please get busy, claim your free In’D Tale account and vote.

The bonus is that with your In’Dtale account you’ll be getting the latest news on books everyone is buzzing about. It’s a win-win!

When you vote I’ll be able to see your name but not a way to contact you so please email newsletter@betteleecrosby.comΒ or comment on this post to let me know you voted.

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67 Responses to “2016 RONE Award GIANT GIVEAWAY!”

  1. gaildemaree@att.net'

    Gail Demaree

    I voted! Great book! Hope you win! Good Luck Bette!

  2. jlsteele@blomand.net'

    Sonya Steele

    Congratulations on your RONE nomination! I voted for you πŸ™‚ Best of luck!

  3. packerfandj5@gmail.com'

    Debra Kolins

    Congratulations on being nominated!! Good Luck!!

  4. ptclayton2@aol.com'

    peggy clayton

    I voted i can’t do ebook but thank you only do print due to being disabled. Sure hope you win and thank you for telling us you have a chance!

  5. donnacobbswift@aol.com'

    Donna Swift

    I just LOVE all of Bette’s stories. She writes in such an interesting Southern voice. I am captivated by her books and usually finish each one in ONE sitting.

  6. lady_appaloosa@yahoo.co.uk'

    Susi Galley

    Of course I voted. Congrats to the nomination, that alone is an achievement

  7. Cnnamongirl@aol.com'

    Deanne Patterson

    Best of luck, Bette. I registered and voted, so excited. This book looks excellent!

  8. penelope223@yahoo.com'

    Carol Smith

    Congrats on your nomination. Voted for your book.

  9. judewwc@msn.com'

    Judith Weiss Collins

    I love all of Bette Lee Crosby’s books! They are all a fabulous read…she is one of my favorite authors

  10. SLPaugh@aol.com'

    Sharon Paugh

    I voted Week 6 in Inspirational for Passing Through Perfect! Good Luck Bette!

  11. janebean12208@gmail.com'

    Jane Nelson

    I voted Bette!! Good luck! I left a comment on their site also under jbean817

  12. janebean12208@gmail.com'

    Jane Nelson

    Actually I was jane817! I’m so confuuuused! LOL!!

  13. beyer4500@gmail.com'

    Glenda Beyer

    I have read most of Bette Lee Crosby’s books and have enjoyed every one of them and look forward to the new ones she writes.

  14. nurselori@gmail.com'

    Lori Rutherford

    Congratulations Bette! I voted and have my fingers crossed for you!

  15. f.pad@live.co.uk'

    Fiona Padmore

    Hi Betty, I have just voted for you. Ravenfp is my username on that site. Wishing you a positive outcome x

  16. tdkinley77@gmail.com'

    Donna Kinley

    Oh my stars!!! Of all the books I have read (and there’s a lot) Ms Crosby’s books are my most favorite. You act feel as if you have been teleported back in time…can feel the dusty dirt road. I really get the lump in the throat..so emotional..so heart-wrenching. Can’t get enough. Passing through Perfect was probably my second or third book I read of “miss Betty’s. It was so profound. Stayed with me for days..thinking of the characters . Love it.

  17. sulewlu@yahoo.com'

    Suzanne Lucero (@S_Lucero)

    As requested, Bette, I voted for Passing Through Perfect. It looks like a tough field to beat but I’m rooting for you. πŸ™‚

  18. michj0447@gmail.com'

    Michelle James

    I voted! I shared on social media, too. Best wishes, Bette, you deserve to have your book chosen for this award.

  19. lpblanchard@yahoo.com'

    Letty Blanchard

    Voted! Congrats on the nomination and best of luck!!

  20. marthamo16@gmail.com'

    Martha Morin

    I voted for this awesome book, good luck Bette!

  21. anndharrell@yahoo.com'

    Ann DuVall White

    I voted and I’m praying you win this prestigious award. Your are the best!

  22. bsgtrust@gmail.com'


    Signed sealed and delivered. Good luck, hope you win as your books are well done.



  23. mbblake8818@msn.com'

    Michele Blake

    Absolutely I Voted! I have loved each one of your books. I’m crossing my fingers you win. I’m so happy I stumbled into your books. They are a breath of fresh air and so real.

  24. rsk8460@msn.com'


    Just voted and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you win. I love your books.

  25. swampbrat@gmail.com'


    Passing Through Perfect is one of my favorites! I voted!!

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