Readers Share Their Crosby Book Pictures

March 1, 2014 Fan Fun, FanFriends 0

Readers Share Their Crosby Book Pictures

I have the best FanFriend readers who not only like reading my books but sharing fun pictures with me.

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A while ago I formed the Bette’s Friends and Fans Clubhouse on Facebook. It’s been a huge success and I visit every day to interact and ask their opinion on the writing projects I’m working on. I have little events and this one was to share them taking a picture with one of my books. It was such a fun event and I want to invite all readers of this blog to participate.

Have you been reading my books? I’d love to see a pic of you or one of my books in your favorite reading spot, with your favorite treats, or whatever you’d like to do! Email so I can enjoy it and share!

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