WHAT THE HEART REMEMBERS #kindlefire #giveaway

November 17, 2015 Fan Fun 20

Congratulations to the winner… I’m waiting for her to confirm her email address.

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WHAT THE HEART REMEMBERS #kindlefire #giveaway

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ONE WINNER will receive a brand new Kindle Fire AND ALL my eBooks!

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20 Responses to “WHAT THE HEART REMEMBERS #kindlefire #giveaway”

  1. gaildemaree@att.net'

    Gail Demaree

    Loved the book. My new favorite. You write such awesome books! So glad I found your books to read!

  2. encinitasgramma@gmail.com'

    Donna Engler

    I received your new book today and will start reading it today or tomorrow.

    I’m already on your mail list, but didn’t see where to press “enter.”

  3. Bette Lee Crosby

    Hi Donna, you need to login first with Facebook or an email and then there is a little arrow pointing down. Click that and it will open up and give you the option to press Enter! and leave your email. 🙂

  4. joyce033@centurytel.net'

    Joyce Wilson

    Loved loved the book “What the Heart Remembers” another great book by Bette Lee Crosby!

  5. bckholl@gmail.com'


    Waiting to start your new book. I am also on your mailing list, but also did not see “enter”.

  6. smyrnajill@gmail.com'

    Jill Moosekian

    Bette – I just started to read “What the Heart Remembers” and am only in a few chapters so far. That being said, I loving it. I have read almost every book you have written and will be a fan forever. When you write about a character you can put yourself into the character and remember her. Thank you for being the great writer you are!

  7. merryannvd@yahoo.com'

    Merry Van Dyke

    I am now reading “What the Heart Remembers” and I cannot lay the book down. I love it! But – I loved “Memory House” and “The Loft” as well. Good works Bette! Can’t wait for the next one.

  8. desitheblonde@msn.com'


    i love the site and the cover of the book sorry have not read any of the book

  9. blanchard1954@yahoo.com'

    Deborah Blanchard

    I loved the entire Memory series. Your characters are so true to life and your books always make me feel. That is what I love about your books. Thank you

  10. petreach@msn.com'

    Petrea Chester

    Excited to read your books. They all look great!. What would you recommend as a first read? Thanks

  11. wefarm2@gmail.com'

    Linda Schulthes

    I finished The Loft earlier this week and What The Heart Remembers last night. You have truly out done yourself, Bette! You have two award winning books here! I can feel it in my bones! I am anxiously awaiting the next boo in the series as I know it will be another “keeper”.

  12. Bette Lee Crosby

    Hmmm that’s such a good question Petrea! If you like literary fiction start with Spare Change. If you like women’s fiction start with The Twelfth Child. If you like a little magical mystery start with Memory House. If you want a real #needtissues try Cracks in the Sidewalk. Let me know what you decide!

  13. Agnieszka7775@web.de'


    Also this book sounds really interesting – though I have to clear up my reading queue first before I can even think about starting this series – I hope sometime mid-2016 🙂

  14. ceblain@tmlponline.net'

    Cynthia E. Blain

    I do not Tweet so have lost all of those chances to add to my entries.
    Will hope to win as I definitely need a new devise badly.
    Thank you.

  15. coreydclancy@gmail.com'

    Corey Clancy

    Thank you for the chance! I need to take more time to read books on my wishlist.

  16. mac262@me.com'

    Maxie Lloyd-Hamilton Anderson

    Hi Bette. Your book sounds good. I would be happy to get it at some time. Maxie

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