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October 30, 2015 Friday Fiction 0

Friday Fiction

#amwriting – #fridayfiction

On Thursday morning Andrew is at the Vendome before ten o’clock. A white convertible is parked alongside the curb and in his pocket is a list of places to visit while they are in Giverny. He is hoping this day will go as planned. Already it is looking good; the sky is clear and bright, and it is warm for this time of year.

Max steps out of the elevator just as he is entering the lobby.

“Perfect timing,” he says then crosses over and kisses her cheek. It is the type of kiss friends often share, a greeting, nothing more. He would like it to be more, but now and again she still speaks of the boyfriend she came in search of.

Over the past few days Andrew feels himself drawing closer to Max and while he is wary this might be a mistake he can do nothing to stop it. She is unlike any woman he has ever known. There is magic in the ease of her laugh and a fierce intensity in her love of art. When she speaks her words have a simple earnestness, there is no pretense. She is a woman he could easily fall in love with; but it is too soon. Much too soon. For now he will content himself with simply being her friend.

Keeping it casual, he loops his arm through hers and they head for the front door. As they pass the front desk, the clerk gives a nod and a friendly “Bonjour.”

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