Drew lifted her into his arms – Silver Threads

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Silver Threads

Silver Threads

Series: Memory House Collection, Book 5
A Story of Second Chances and Moving on...


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On the day Jennifer Green was born a pile of stones was placed alongside her scale of life. A few were the dark gray of sorrow, but most were a pale blush color. The largest stone was the rose hue of a sunrise. That one would be placed on the scale the day she married Drew Bishop. Even more brilliant but a wee bit smaller was the pink stone glistening with specs of silver. That one would bring Jennifer a baby girl named Brooke. The Keeper of the Scale smiled. Seeing such happiness laid out before him was pleasing to his eye.

Since the beginning of time, he and he alone has been challenged with the task of keeping each person’s scale in balance. A bit of happiness and then a small stone of sorrow, until the lives he has in his charge are measured evenly.

You might think such power is universal, but it is not. There are silver threads that crisscross the landscape of scales and connect strangers to one another. Not even the Keeper of the Scale can control the events traveling through those threads; the only thing he can do is try to equalize the balance once it has been thrown off. There is nothing more he can do for Jennifer; now he must find the thread that leads to Drew if he is to have the love he deserves.

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Drew lifted her into his arms – Silver Threads

For him the loss of Jennifer became more pronounced with every day that passed. Long after everyone else had retired for the night, he circled through the rooms, picking up a forgotten dish, emptying one last ashtray, doing the small everyday chores he’d seen her do a thousand times. And as he wiped the kitchen counter or straightened the bathroom towels, he remembered her doing these same things—only for her it seemed so easy. She did it with such nonchalance; a single stroke and the counter glistened, whereas he’d sponged it three times and still there were odd spots of jelly or catsup.

On the day of the funeral, Brooke clung to him with a ferocity he’d never before seen. Throughout the service and even at the graveside, she’d not said a word. At the very end she’d held to his hand as they moved forward and placed the two roses atop Jennifer’s coffin. That’s when she began to sob hysterically. Drew lifted her into his arms and carried her back to the car.

That night she climbed into his bed and slept beside him, in the exact spot where her mama had once laid her head.

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