Friday Fiction – Bobby looks back at his mama

July 4, 2014 Friday Fiction 0

Friday Fiction

Friday Fiction – Bobby looks back at his mama

Bobby looks back at his mama then scrambles down the other three steps and takes off
running across the courtyard. Seconds later poor Missus Keller starts chasing after Bobby; she’s
got his baby sister tucked under her arm.

By now the baby is screaming and the two-year-old terror is staying just out of reach,
laughing like it’s a big joke. Without realizing it, he runs toward me. I nab him and hold him
until his mother gets there.

In between yelling at Bobby and jiggling the crying baby, Mrs. Keller hands me two
quarters and says, “Thanks, Bette. I wish I had someone like you to keep an eye on him every
morning so I could get my housework done in peace.”

I can’t believe my ears. “You mean you’d pay a babysitter to watch him even if you’re at

“Um-hmm. The only problem is I can’t spare more than five dollars a week. I doubt a sitter
would take a job for such poor pay.” With that, she trots back across the courtyard, both kids in

I turn to Donna. “Did you hear that?”

“Yeah, so?”

“So?” I repeat. Now I am on the knowing end of the conversation. “If I could make five
bucks for every kid in this development, I’d be rich.” I start counting the number of porches with
kid toys.

“You’ll be babysitting all summer. You won’t have any time for fun.” Donna scrunches her
face into a look of disdain. “That’s nuts.”

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