Friday Fiction – When the heart of a man gets pulled loose

August 1, 2014 Friday Fiction 0

Friday Fiction

Friday Fiction – When the heart of a man gets pulled loose

When the heart of a man gets pulled loose, he starts dying. I started dying a year ago and I’m still working on it. I ain’t going all at once, I’m going piece by piece. If you was to see me pushing the plow or chopping wood, you’d figure me a whole person—a heaving, hauling, hard of muscle and stinking of sweat man. But the truth is I ain’t been whole since this same day last year. It ain’t my skin and bones what’s dying, it’s my soul. My body’s still walking around, doing chores and taking orders from folks like Missus Mayfield, but my soul… that’s lying out on Cross Corner Road alongside Delia.

In the year gone by, I suffered more misery than God ought to expect a man to bear. Now I come to where I can’t take no more. It ain’t easy leaving a place where you was born, but I got Isaac to think of and the boy deserves better. I ain’t gonna say if this is a good decision or not; but come tomorrow morning Isaac and me is leaving here and we ain’t never gonna look back at Alabama.

This is a place of shame and misery. The shame of a man called boy and the misery of losing what you love. ‘Course, to understand the size of my misery, you’d have to know how it was with me and Delia.

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