By morning Olivia had come to a somewhat shaky decision

October 17, 2014 Friday Fiction 0

By morning Olivia had come to a somewhat shaky decision

By morning Olivia had come to a somewhat shaky decision. She would watch over the boy. Not forever but until she could find a place where he truly belonged. As soon as they’d finished breakfast, which was cereal for her and potato chips for him, she loaded both boy and dog into the car and headed for Clairmore, a town nine miles from Wyattsville. A town where there’d be less chance of being spotted by someone on the building’s Rules Committee. “We need to get you some clothes,” she told Ethan. “You can’t go around wearing the same thing day in and day out.”

“Why not?” he answered, then said he’d prefer to have a new ball seeing as how his Spalding had disappeared through the kitchen window.

“You shouldn’t be playing ball inside the house,” Olivia replied without taking her eyes from the road.

“It’s not a house,” he grumbled.

“Okay then, you shouldn’t be playing ball inside the apartment.”

“There’s nothing else to do.”

“There is too,” Olivia said. But after watching television she was hard pressed to come up with a second suggestion, which is why she ended up purchasing five comic books, a set of checkers, a Monopoly game, and a jigsaw puzzle picturing the entire Baltimore Orioles Baseball Team in addition to the selection of underwear, tee-shirts, and dungarees. At first she’d thought the comic books, mostly about monsters and superheroes, were somewhat unnecessary, but then she remembered games required a partner’s participation.

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