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They have no trouble locating the Ace Hardware store on the main street of Langley. When Annie asks about the best rust remover for use on chrome, the clerk hands her a bottle of Rust-Be-Gone.

“This’ll do the trick,” he says. “Pour a bit on a square of aluminum foil and rub gently.”

“Aluminum foil, like Reynolds Wrap?” Annie questions.

He nods. “I’ve got steel wool if you want, but it’d scratch the tar out of whatever you’re working on.”

“A bicycle,” Annie says.

“Bicycle, huh? Lotta work if it ain’t nothing but a bicycle.” He explains that the Rust -Be-Gone costs nine dollars, and he’s got some nice clean used bikes that are only $ 10.50.

Annie explains that what she’s working on is not just a bicycle, it’s a very special bicycle. She says the tires are flat so she’ll also need an air pump.

“Pump’s eight-fifty,” the clerk replies. “You sure you wanna do all that work and spend an extra seven bucks to fix up an old bike when I got a really good Huffy that’s ready to go?”

“I’m sure,” Annie says . She is tempted to explain how she is trying to reach back through time and find the boy who originally owned the bicycle, the boy who’s laugh she has already heard, but she doesn’t. She recalls her own disbelief when Ophelia first suggested such a thing and she knows the clerk will be equally skeptical.

This’ll do the trick – Friday Fiction

Memory House

Memory House

Series: Memory House Collection, Book 1
Publisher: Bent Pine Publishing
ISBN: 9780996080361
About the Book

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Ophelia Browne knows the answer is yes. She knows because she’s been granted the unique gift of finding and caring for forgotten memories. But now she’s nearing ninety, and Browne women seldom live beyond such an age.

Before time runs out Ophelia must find her successor…someone who can carry forth the gift and keep the memories from fading. When broken-hearted Annie Cross shows up on the doorstep of The Memory House Bed and Breakfast, Ophelia knows she is the one.

As the two women sip dandelion tea and share stories, Annie begins to uncover new memories. Ugly ones. Ones buried deep enough to hide the scars. Excitement turns to fear when a thread of violence begins to unravel and Ophelia knows they have gone too far.

Literary Awards for Memory House –

FAPA President’s Book Award

Praise for Memory House –

“A magical book of memories, treasures and stories from a Masterful Southern Storyteller…” Judith D. Collins, top 1000 Reviewer

“Magical realism that will enchant…” Heidi, Rainy Day Ramblings

“Wonderful, heartwarming story of love and life…” Sherry Fundin, Reviewer

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