5 Responses to “Jubilee’s Journey – When the sorrow became unbearable”

  1. laurathomas61@att.net'


    Beautifully done Bette!
    Jubilee has stolen my heart and I haven’t even met her YET. I think her and Ethan will be great friends.

  2. blanchard1954@yahoo.com'

    Deborah Murrill Blanchard

    I can’t wait to read this one, it looks amazing!

  3. mtakala1@yahoo.com'


    This looks like an intriguing book. The little girl tugs at your heart.

  4. Lmoore43@twitter.example.com'

    Linda S Moore (@Lmoore43)

    I love that picture Bette. It is so adorable.. Can’t wait to read Jubilee’s Journey. Reading Spare Change right now and it is so good I hate to have to put it down. 🙂

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