Literacy, it benefits us all!

March 13, 2014 News & Events 0

This past week I was honored to be the guest speaker at Reading Between the Wines,

a fund-raiser for the Literacy Services of Indian River Council, a United Way non-profit organization, an organization dedicated to teaching adults to read.

Literacy, it benefits us all

L to R: Hosts Don and Sandy Mann, Bette Crosby, Mary Silva

Yes, you read it right…adults.

I know of countless library and local programs designed to both encourage children to read, and help them learn to read better. YET…the inability to read often originates in the home. When a child struggles with reading, the problem frequently stems from a parent who either can’t read, or is reading at a second grade level. Helping adults to rise above this challenge will ultimately help their children also.

LIteracy, it benefits us all

Shown with fellow author Karla Darcy (R) and other Literacy supporters

Mary Silva, Executive Director of the group, read a letter the Council received from one of the adults it had assisted and it brought tears to my eyes. It was a note from a mother who was helped by the Literacy Services Council. She told of the dilemma she faced when the teacher sent a note home saying her daughter was struggling with reading and needed to get Literacy, it benefits us allhelp at home. With her own reading limitations, the Mom couldn’t help her child.

She turned to the Literacy Council for help, and got it. With the tutoring she received, this mom was able to go from a second grade reading level to an eighth grade level. She not only helped her daughter, but she gave the child a new admiration for the magic of books. Just helping her daughter was satisfaction in itself, but this mom’s newly acquired reading skills brought so much more. By improving her reading, she also improved her job skills and has gone from a line position factory worker to what promises to be a management position in a new firm.

In the hustle bustle of everyday life, it is very easy to lose sight of how important the simple skill of reading is. It changes lives. It opens doors to a new world. It carries you to places you never thought you’d see. And, it is the future of our youth. If you have a Literacy Council in your area, I urge you to support them. Give generously. Volunteer to tutor. Change a life. I promise, it will not only open new doors for those you teach, but it will show you a place in your heart that you never knew existed.

In addition to my speaking engagement, Dick and I are sending a donation to this very worthwhile organization. Please join us in helping to build a better future for those who need it most.

For more information, contact:

Literacy Services of Indian River County, Inc.

Nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization and United Way agency partner
1600 21st St., VB, FL 32960 (IRC main library)
(772) 778-2223 fax: 2066

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