Blogging #atozchallenge R is for Really?

April 21, 2014 Blog Hop, News & Events 3

R is for Really

Really?  You read a book that you loved and then didn’t bother to review it. Really?

How will the author ever know how much you appreciated his/her work?

How many other readers will pass the book by because they see too few reviews?

At the end of a play we applaud to show our appreciation of the work.

At  a concert, we scream and yell to show our love for the artist.

We cheer at sporting events to show ou support for the team we want to win, why heck, we even wear sweaters and tee-shirts that announce out love for the team.

So, what are your going to do to show your appreciation for a book you loved?

How about a review? Really. Reviews count. If you thin the author doesn’t read them, you’re wrong. We do. We read every single review and sometimes a bad review tells us what we’re doing wrong…but it also tells us the reader cared enough to take the time to write and post a review. So please…whether you love a book or hate it, share your thoughts in a review on Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes…or your favorite online bookstore. Reviews count…really!

Coral Russell of Bent Pine Publicity knows how important reviews are, that’s why she is currently working on a tutorial to show how to leave a review on Amazon. You rock Coral. Really!



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    Linda S Moore

    I always leave a review after I finish a book. Always honest reviews. I have always done that because I figure that helps others to know if a book is good or not or whether they should try it. I know reviews help me decide whether to get a book or not. Great article Bette. 🙂



    Live events such as concerts and sporting events lend themselves to the outpouring of one’s love for the work. Books are different than live events because they are usually read alone whereas the former is shared with a group of friends and strangers. While I understand the importance of reviews, they don’t necessarily make-or-break an author’s success.

    Many of the books that I’ve read were based on interest or recommendation through word-of-mouth, rather than reviews. These days, I’m more skeptical about the accuracy of reviews since it’s easy to pad ratings to create favorable bias to help a book gain traction or get higher rankings. Also, some people aren’t comfortable writing reviews for books…even books they might love.

    I’d like to think that my purchase and/or willingness to read a book is a form of showing my appreciation for books that I love. For example, I’ve never been to a Beyonce concert but I have her albums and I’m almost certain that she doesn’t care whether I write a review of her songs…so long as those sales are raking in for her to continue making music.

    Reviews are important but I don’t think that everyone should have to write them if they don’t want to. Some people like sharing news about the material they’ve read that they love so much. Others just like enjoying the books as they are. I think both types of folks are in their right to do so….after both scenarios, there was a sale/purchase that did take place. It’s a win for the reader and the author, especially if the book is good.

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