Lemon Spaghetti Add Friends and Serve

October 10, 2012 Mid-Week Mixers 1

Here at Words, Wit and Wisdom, Naomi Blackburn’s Mid-Week Mixer for today is Lemon Spaghetti so let’s get going…I don’t want to say this looks yummy, but I’ve even asked Naomi to give me the recipe for the blackened tilapia shown here with the spaghetti!


I found a version of this recipe on foodnetwork.com. It will be a staple in my house, plus will be part of the recipes for “So Easy Even Bette can cook it!” The freshness of the lemon blends so well with the olive oil and Parmesan cheese. Partnered with Blackened Tilapia (recipe coming), it was a perfect match!

So, here we go:


1 pound spaghetti
2/3 cup olive oil
2/3 grated Parmesan
1/2 cup FRESH lemon juice (should be from 3 lemons)
Salt and Pepper


1) Cook spaghetti according to package directions

2) While spaghetti is cooking, combine the next 3 ingredients.


3) Drain spaghetti. While HOT, pour the liquid over the spaghetti and toss until all the spaghetti is covered.

4) Salt and Pepper as desired. Add friends and serve!


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  1. emaginette@hotmail.com'


    I make something like this. Okay, not like this at all, but only two ingredients changes. Trade out the spaghetti for penne noodles and the lemon for garlic. So good it curls your toes. 🙂

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