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Cupid’s Christmas Book Discussion Questions

This story is told differently from the point-of-view of Cupid plus Lindsay, Eleanor, and John. What do you like about these multiple points of view during a story? Do you think John was right in waiting to tell Lindsay about his new relationship? Why or why not? How do you think Eleanor handled Lindsay and John? Would you change anything? Do you think Lindsay was being fair at the beginning of the story with her dad, John? Why or why not? How did it change over the cours.....

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Cupid’s Christmas Book Excerpt

lEnjoy this book excerpt from Cupid’s Christmas The problem with humans is they’re in love with love. Even worse, they’re determined to find it themselves. They stumble in and out of relationships that simply were never meant to be and then wonder why it didn’t work. Females are infinitely more complicated than males. Lindsay Gray for example, she’s dead-set on doing this her way and four times she’s ended up with the wrong male. She’s the kind of female who makes m.....

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Here on Words, Wit & Wisdom, it’s time for fun and games…and August is our “Be a Character Bonanza” Yeah, one click is all it takes to see your name in print – you can open up a book and discover that you are one of the characters. So jump in and join the fun…one click – simple easy fun. Nothing to buy, no puzzles to solve – just click Follow this Blog and you’re in on the action. .....

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