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Some SPARE CHANGE will get you a great read

By Bette Lee Crosby / February 18, 2014

Get started on my Wyattsville Series Book #1, Spare Change, only $.99 [mybooktable book=”spare-change-wyattsville-series-book-1″] Thanks to Kindle Books and Tips and Ereader News Today for helping me spread the word about Spare Change. I don’t suppose there’s a person walking the earth who doesn’t now and again think if I had the chance .....

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Jubilee’s Journey Book Discussion Questions

By Bette Lee Crosby / February 11, 2014

The story starts in a coal mine community. When you think of coal mining what sorts of things do you picture? Do you think Bartholomew gave up too soon looking for work outside of the coal mine? Why or why not? If you were Ruth would you have stuck by Bartholomew or would you have asked family for more help? Paul makes some decisions in the beginning about what to take when they left. What three things would you take if you had to leave your home and could never go back?.....

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