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The Twelfth Child Excerpt

By Bette Lee Crosby / February 11, 2014

Enjoy this excerpt from The Twelfth Child In the spring of 1912, Livonia Lannigan’s body grew round and firm. Her breasts became heavy and her stomach swelled to a great size. She took to leaving the waistband buttons of her dresses unhooked but even so could barely fit into the clothes she had worn just one year ago. The cotton bodices pressed tight against her tender breasts and she worried that it might stifle the milk flow needed for the baby so she loosened them whenever she w.....

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Friends, Fans and those who just enjoy a fun read – stop by the Layered Pages Blog and read Stephanie Moore’s interview with Destiny Fairchild, one of the characters from my novel THE TWELFTH CHILD. Oh and did I mention there is also a book giveaway, so be sure to enter. This interview is also available on Goodreads at the Ladies & Lit Group. If you’ve read the book, you already know Destiny has had her share of trouble and the mystery of whether or not she knows.....

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The Twelfth Child Book Discussion Questions

The Twelfth Child is the story of friendship, lost love, dysfunctional family relationships and greed as it evolved around the life of one woman, Abigail Anne Lannigan. She was a free-spirited, independent woman much like many we know today, but perhaps out of place in the rural mountain life of the early 1900’s. As you go through some of the discussion questions, try to imagine yourself back in that era, years before women were allowed to vote, a time when men con.....

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