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The typical Florida early summer – #fridayfiction

[mybooktable book=”what-matters-most”] The typical Florida early summer – #fridayfiction Louise settled back into the seat, wishing she had stopped for something to eat. Ready to jump on even the slightest bit of forward movement, she sat with the engine idling for nearly twenty minutes, then lowered the windows and clicked off the motor. The typical Florida early summer evening felt warm and muggy, the air thick with the threat of more rain and charged with smells .....

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What Matters Most Book Discussion Questions

By Bette Lee Crosby / February 11, 2014

Book Discussion Questions for What Matters Most Clay and Louise have very different ideas of what retirement means. What does retirement mean to you? What things/people would you miss if you had to relocate? How did you feel about Louise’s attempts to get back to New Jersey? How did Clay change moving from New Jersey to Florida? Do you think he was satisfied with the change? What was the turning point for Louise in Florida that made her more comforta.....

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What Matters Most Excerpt

By Bette Lee Crosby / February 11, 2014

Early on Louise Palmer came to the conclusion that life was somewhat like a jigsaw puzzle. First you envisioned the picture. Then you assembled the pieces. Louise began when she was eleven.  She started with a brown shoebox, then added snippets from magazines—a square of blue sky, smoke rising from a chimney, lace curtains, a red door, a wedding gown, a gold ring, photographs with obscured faces—images of what she saw as a picture-perfect life. Night after night she pulled the shoe.....

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