Book Club reads The Nightingale – #tellafriend

September 22, 2015 Tell a friend 1

Book Club meeting

Book Club reads The Nightingale

Book Club Meeting here at our house, so Sugar was included. She loves Book Club, especially the food part. We discussed Kristin Hannah’s The Nightingale and everyone loved the book. I have to say it is unusual that everyone agrees on a book, but this one they did. smile emoticon Compliments to Ms. Hannah for a wonderful story!

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    Maria Blodgett

    Our Book Club read it too. We have a wide range of ages from 24 years old to 50 years old in our Club, & everyone loved the book. You’re right, it’s hard for everyone to enjoy one book as much as we all did. What a conversation we had discussing the situations that arose, and the plot, and the characters. Kristin Hannah really outdid herself. It’s a must read, a masterpiece!

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