Drawing Free – #tellafriend

March 29, 2016 Tell a friend 3

Drawing Free – #tellafriend

Women’s fiction that every woman can relate to–even if she doesn’t want to admit it…

“What would happen if I just kept driving?”

Moms aren’t supposed to have a life of their own, at least that’s what Becca Thompson believes. Between dealing with her youngest’s never ending tantrums, her teenager’s attitude and her ailing father’s rapidly failing memory, Becca doesn’t have time to worry about who she used to be.

Deep down, Becca knows she wants more than the daily chaos and the quick fixes her self-help books have to offer, but when her husband starts demanding more, the pressure proves to be too much. On the way to pick up her daughter, she makes the split second decision to take a different exit off the freeway and drives towards the mountains leaving her crumbling life in the rear-view mirror.

Fleeing to a remote mountain town, Becca knows she must rediscover her spirit, even if reconnecting with herself comes at the expense of everything she left behind.

What book would you #tellafriend about this week?

3 Responses to “Drawing Free – #tellafriend”

  1. sadiebug@cablemo.net'

    Bambi Rathman

    If I told a friend about a book this week, I would tell about On to Richmond….the second book in the Bregdan Chronicles by Ginny Dye. Have a wonderful day!

  2. braun.susan@gmail.com'


    Actually, several of yours as well as Joshilyn Jackson’s The Opposite of Everyone and Lisa Scottoline’s Most Wanted

  3. blanchard1954@yahoo.com'

    Deborah Blanchard

    I just finished Some Women by Emily Liebert and it was a phenomenal read. I think all women should read this book about friendship and love.

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