Animal Quackers…

March 16, 2010 Uncategorized 2

Author Marlene Klotz has written a delightful new book of children’s poetry that will have kids chuckling as they travel through the antics of characters such as the Alligator with the toothy smile and the squiggly wiggly worm. Animal Quackers follows Klotz’s earlier Alphabet Zoo. Inspired by love for her own grandchildren, this award-winning poet has once again captured the magic of childhood in a book that is perfect for gift-giving.

Klotz’s work, including  her poetry books, Shared Memories and The Poetry of Life are representative of her sensitivity as well as humor. Her poem A Mountain of Shoes was accepted by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC.

Animal Quackers is currently available through or a personalized copy can be ordered from the author at:

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    Pat Wilson

    I admire the fact that Marlene can “whip up” a poem at
    the snap of your fingers, like most of us rattle off our
    friends’ telephone numbers or email addresses.
    She is gifted – of that there is no doubt. Only wish I had
    wee ones so I could read her books to them.
    She’s one lucky lady – and pretty, too.

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