Get a Scrapbook the Easy Way…

February 24, 2010 Uncategorized 1

Lots of people are interested in creating a  scrapbook to preserve memories of a special time or event but…they sinply can’t find the time. Sure, you’ve got those cruise photos tucked in the drawer along with the menus, a heart-shaped candy and nine matchbook covers from various ports of call…but do you ever look at them? Ever take them out to show your friends? Are you actuallly sure they’re still in the bottom of that drawer?  If you’re got the desire, but not the time to create a memory book, call Tammy Moore’s Scrapbook Nook. Just hand her a pile of momentos and she’ll put together a  personalized scrapbook that will keep those memories alive for you…your kids…and even your grandchildren. You can reach her at (772) 323-6714.  But you’d better hurry before somebody empties out that drawer to make room  for extra underwear!

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    Hello Bette,

    I just want to thank you for the great write up on my scrapbook business! You are a very special person and an awesome first grade teacher. The love you have for Jesus shows in your smile. Oh, almost forgot to mention that you are a very talented and creative writer! Thanks for all you do!

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