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Each day this feed is updated to include the day’s winner, so be sure to click on read more and find out if your name is on the list…

DAY ONE -Our first giveaway goes to Jeanine Elizalde, a Goodreads follower – Congratulations Jeanine, you’ve won a copy of The Award-winning novel SPARE CHANGE that will be sent to your NOOK. Enjoy reading!

DAY TWO – The luck winner of Today’s Giveaway is Karin Jackson – Congratulations Karin, you’ve won a Nook Book copy of the Award-winning Novel CRACKS IN THE SIDEWALK. Enjoy Reading!

DAY THREE – Congratulations to Shirley King, she is the lucky winner of The Kindle Best-Selling Romance Novel THAT BOY by Jillian Dodd. Shirley I know you will enjoy this book as much as I did!

DAY FOUR – Congratulations to today’s lucky winner Jan D’Ambrosia – A Goodreads follower, Jan will receive a Kindle or Nook copy of the four-time Award-winning novel SPARE CHANGE – happy reading Jan.

DAY FIVE – Congratulations to today’s lucky winner Beth Carroll. Another Goodreads follower, Beth will receive a Kindle copy of the newest Elena Aitken release – SUGAR CRASH – Happy reading, I think you’ll enjoy this book as much as I did.

DAY SIX – Congratulations to Babs Green, today’s winner of an autographed copy of Cracks in the Sidewalk, the novel that won the 2011 FPA President’s Book Award Gold Medal. Enjoy reading.

DAY SEVEN – Congratulations to Rebecca, today’s winner of a Kingle copy of the best-selling novel FINDING EMMA by Steena Holmes. I know she will enjoy reading this book as much as I did. A five star read, so enjoy Rebecca.

DAY EIGHT – Congratulations to Ramona who is today’s winner. Ramona will receive a Kindle or Nook copy of Spare Change. Enjoy reading.

DAY NINE – Congratulations to today’s winner Trudy, a Goodreads gal. Trudy will receive a Kindle copy of Diane Capri’s exciting new release FATAL DISTRACTION, touted as a smart suspense thriller, this book is certain to be a great read.

DAY TEN –  Congratulations to Beth L,  our final book winner. Beth will receive a Kindle copy of Spare Change.

AND NOW THE GRAND PRIZE WINNER…Donna W of New Jersey is the luck winner of a $25. Amazon Gift Certificate. Congratulations and happy reading Donna!





    Babs Green

    I just finished Spare Change today and I know I will read it again someday. So, winners of this book, you are in for a wonderful story and a pleasant surprise like me if it’s your first Bette Lee Crosby book. Loved it.

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