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LET’S CELEBRATE MOMS… they’re special…they make magic happen, perform Herculean tasks amd blossom into the heroines that stories are written about. Both Spare Change and Cracks in the Sidewalk are stories of women who understood the meaning of being a mom…do you?

Whether you’re a mom or someone who wants to celebrate a special mom,  leave a comment here and give me your five-word description of a mom and you’ll be entered into the Mom’s Day Book Giveaway. There will be two categories of entries,,,MOST HEARTFELT DESCRIPTION and FUNNIEST DESCRIPTION (Most of what I write is in that quirky Southern voice so you just knew I couldn’t bypass the aspect of humor)

First Place Winners in each category will receive an autographed copy of both Spare Change and Cracks in the Sidewalk, Second Place Winners will receive an autographed copy of their choice of these two books and Third place runners-up will receive a Nook or Kindle copy of either book.

The contest ends on Saturday, May 12th and Winners will be Announced here on Mother’s Day, May 13th.

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Good luck …wishing all moms a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY.

33 Responses to “MOM’S DAY GIVEAWAY”


    Naomi B.

    Warmth, Dynamic, Tenderness, Rock, Patient!!

    ** there aren’t five words to describe my mom! this doesn’t even begin to describe the true breadth of her being! ; ) **


    M.C.V. Egan

    Only five words to describe mothergood…Oh My….There is so much to say as a daughter and a mother…Five words here they go….


    Amanda Mullins

    Nurturing, neurotic, selfless, teacher, best friend


    Melodie Bennett

    Courageous,boundless love,yummiful cook.
    These just scratch the surface. My mom is truly awesome!

    My Army guy son, summed me and my Mom up in one word last year….HOOAH!!!!
    Best Mother’s Day gift we got!


    Saundra Rohn

    5 words that describe my Mother
    Faithful, loving, patient, forgiving, gentle


    Brooke Z

    Outgoing, intelligent, patient, fun-loving, champion


    sherry deines

    We moved around a lot when I was a child 🙂 so I thought this would be fitting…

    “Never ever a dull moment!”


    Meagan Pruett

    Caring, Joyful, Lovable, Kind and Generous.


    Sandy S.

    Friend, Survivor, Laugh, Shoulder and Generous



    Busy, caring, multi-tasking , loveable, best friend.


    Rebecca Bendel

    Caregiving, loving, weeping, working, living



    M . . . multi-tasking, mighty, maternal
    O . . . outrageous, open, outgoing
    T . . . top notch, tender, tough, tired, true
    H . . . helpful, happy
    E . . . encouraging, enthusiastic, expressive
    R . . . real, responsible, ready, refined
    S . . . selfless

    Five words just weren’t enough.



    A safe place to land.

    This past year has been very difficult for me, diagnosed with a chronic illness, had to give up my home and job. My mother opened her home and heart to me. Without her I would have been lost. If you look in the dictionary under Mother…I am sure her picture will be there.


    Connie Bellows

    Oh shoot, gotta change that to 5 words…
    “gave life, loved a lifetime”

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