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March 21, 2013 Uncategorized 7

Congratulations to today’s winner…Linda Moore. Linda has wonΒ her choice of a Kindle or Nook copy of Cupid’s Christmas.

Have fun reading Linda and thanks for following.

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    Carol Umfer



    Linda S Moore (@Lmoore43)

    YIPPEE, I wanted that book so bad. I have every other one of Bette’s books that are out that is.. I would love it on my Kindle. Do I need to reply to the email or is here okay. Please let me know. Actually I will reply to the email also if it lets me.. Thank you so so so very much.. πŸ™‚ I am so happy to have won this book.. Thanks so much.. πŸ™‚



    Thank you thank you thank you.. I am so excited to have won this book. I have all of your books, that are out, except this one and wanted it so much. That is why I entered this, to win this book and I did.. I am so happy to have it and look forward to reading it.. I would like it on my Kindle please.. Thank you so much Bette for the wonderful books you have written.. You are awesome.. Linda

    Choose an author as you choose a friend. Sir Christopher Wren


    Linda S Moore (@Lmoore43)

    What do I do now to get the book on my Kindle??? I am so excited that I don’t know. lol I love Bette so much. Her books are just wonderful. I am reading one right now and almost finished it. I hate when such a great book ends, but at least I do have her other books and more books to decide what to read next.. Thanks again and I hope it is not dumb of me to ask what I need to do to get the book. lol I am just so excited. πŸ™‚


    Bette Lee Crosby

    Hi Linda,

    I don’t know if you received the e-mail I sent today asking if you wanted Cupid’s Christmas on your Nook or Kindle. I will be out of the office next week, so try to get back to me by Saturday March 23rd. If perchance you don’t catch me by then, I will get back in touch after Easter. Again, congratulations on the win and thanks for being such a loyal follower. Best regards, Bette


    Linda S Moore

    Oh Bette I didn’t get that email. I had to leave to get a dress to wear to my father in laws funeral and as soon as I got home checked my email again. I would love the Kindle copy as that is where I have all of your other books. I sure hope I am not to late to get it before you leave.. Thank you so very much. I do look forward to reading this book as so far I am loving your book “The Twelfth Child”. I am so close to the end of it now that I will have it finished by tomorrow. I sure am so happy that I won this book. Thank you again so much.. Kindle copy please. Have a wonderful Easter week and Easter day dear lady.. πŸ™‚

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