10 Reasons Books Make the Best Gifts – #fanfun

Here are some reasons why books make the best gifts, add your reason!
1) Very easy to wrap. What could be easier than a rectangle with square edges. Add a bow and viola!

2) Fits any age or gender. Really you can find a book for any personality.

3) Books are economical you can buy one for everyone on your list. One Christmas I made it a point to buy everyone a book.

4) Books are easy to get. Especially nowadays with easy shopping and shipping online.

5) Ebooks can be delivered with a gift card. That way if you really don’t know what they would like to read you can just let them choose!

6) Shipping a book is easy. Just ask for media mail at the post office. It’s the cheapest way to ship them! I should know I ship a lot of books.

7) Books are the gift that keeps on giving. They can be passed along and handed down.

8) Books love to travel. With Little Libraries popping up on street corners and Internet sites like Book Crossing. Books taken on vacation. Books travel the world!

9) Books are a great escape. Don’t have to tell me twice!

10) Books keep your brain sharp. We can work out our minds as well as our bodies.

Why do you think books make great gifts?