12 Things to Never Say to a Book Lover – #fanfun

1. “The movie was way better than the book. Well, I assume it was. I never read the book. But I heard the movie was better….” (Janna Campbell Wiersma)

2. “You bought another book?” (Ashley Sawmiller)

3. “I never have time to read. It must be nice to have so much free time!” (@innocence walker)

4. “OMG. I can’t believe you read that! Maybe you should try [insert snooty, pretentious book title or author here].” (Michelle Melendez)

5. “In a bookstore and always in a gratingly chirpy tone: ‘So! Ready to go?'” (@stdonoghue)

6. “Stop buying books. You have enough already.” (@megan_skeens)

7. “‘I prefer REAL books.’ (Whether you mean print books, certain genres, whatever. This kind of condescending comment to another reader is ridiculously unnecessary.)” (Samantha Warren)

8. “I lost that book you loaned me.” (Cindy Tellkamp Penfold)

9. “‘Reading won’t put food on the table.’ I was told that endlessly when growing up. But it IS food, I would say—food for my MIND.” (@katiecapedisic)

10. “Gaston: ‘How can you read this? There’s no pictures!'” (Elizabeth Muennich)

11. “I hate to interrupt you while you’re reading, but….” (Kelley L. O’Neill)

12. “It’s just a book.” (@firejohn78)

Which one would you add?