15 Benefits of Booknerds as Friends – #fanfun

1. “You know about SO MANY great books. All. The. Time.” (@sqq100)

2. “Lots of wonderful late-night talks about books and how fun reading is.” (Katie Morrissey)

3. “You can know that they REALLY want to be your friend. Most book nerds don’t have time for casual friendships and, generally speaking, would rather be spending their free time with fictional people than real people. If a book nerd wants to spend time with you, that’s the greatest compliment you can get.” (Faye Lilley)

4. “Free grammar corrections.” (@bart_carter)

5. “They don’t talk when you’re reading. They just pick up their book.” (Michelle Vollers)

6. “Help to avoid bad books.” (Damian McMillan)

7. “You read books that are outside of your comfort zone. You’re no longer stuck in one genre.” (@RitaHumola)

8. “Victorian comebacks and random quotations.” (@livesingularity)

9. “Every time you visit their house, you have pretty bookshelves to look at!” (@profsslockhart)

10. “You’ll have someone to book shop with who won’t rush you!” (Diana Rivero)

11. “Unending supply of new words to use in regular conversations.” (@iCoder1978)

12. “Always knowing what the movie adaptation left out.” (@veragfischer)

13. “They’re easy to shop for.” (Denise Lacombe)

14. “Book swapping. I love it when this happens: ‘I found this on my bookcase and thought you would like it.'” (Lucy Hutchinson)

15. “They understand you.” (@AngelaRoquemore)

This is just a sample…

Are you friends with a BookNerd? What’s the advantage of being a friend or having a friend who’s a booknerd?

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