ParisBefore my new “Paris” calendar was hung on the wall, my year was off to a wonderful start, thanks to some wonderful gals and great Goodreads Groups.

The first bit of news arrived via my Facebook page…it was a note from the Moderator of the Sisterhood of theGirlChild_Cvr2.pmd Traveling Book Group saying that Cracks in the Sidewalk had been chosen as the groups January Book of the Month. Exciting news, because not only will many of the group be reading the book, but they’ll be discussing it on an open thread that I’ve been invited to join in on. Awesome! A discussion like this is the same kind of fun I have when I visit with Book Clubs that have read one of my books.

Cracks in the Sidewalk is a particularly great discussion book, because it is based on a true story and the gals love to learn what is true and what is a product of my imagination…be forewarned, most of the book is TRUE! It’s a scary thing how some people can be so callous and uncaring ~sad sigh~

That news alone gave 2013 a great start but then on New Year’s Eve…long before the stroke of midnight…I received a Goodreads message that the Novel Ladies had selected”yours truly” as the January Author of the Month!  Pass the champagne, it’s time for a celebration! Being Author of the Month means that the members can select any one of my books to read and then discuss their book selection with other members in that same type of discussion thread. Yes, I’ve also been invited to pop in and out of those discussions.

The good news just keeps coming…this afternoon I received an e-mail with a link to the online copy of Southern Writer Magazine. the great Joshlyn Jackson is on the cover and inside is a feature interview on me, my writing style and my books. By now I am sort of hoping this day never ends. Okay, maybe that’s a bit unrealistic but there’s still a lot more to look forward to.

Not only will I have those wonderful discussions coming up, but on January 4th, I will be speaking to the General Federation of Women’s Clubs Cocoa Beach Branch and on January 9th I will be speaking at the Ocean Pointe Marriott Club. All this and 2013 is not yet 24 hours old.

Last year was a very exciting year. My books rose to heights I had not imagined possible, but right now, 2013 holds even greater promise. I hope that you all …fans, friends and followers…will join me and come along for what may be a bumpy but blissful ride into 2013.

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Oh and if I forget to say often enough…please know that from the bottom of my heart I thank you one and all for making this awesome dream a reality.