5 Things I Need Explained About Books – #fanfun

Don’t get me wrong. I love paperbacks/hardbacks and have read them for years. I also have crappy eyes so eReaders have saved some of the hassle of reading by allowing me to adjust the print without resorting to buying large print books. But there a couple of things that I don’t understand about books. If you have the answer, please share!
1. French Flaps and Deckle Edges
These are supposedly done to make the book pretty. Deckle Edges are where the pages are cut unevenly and French Flaps are flaps on the back and front cover. Different from a hardback book with a dust jacket. Do you think they make the books pretty? Fancier? Do you like these touches?

2. Sniffing Books
Some people like sniffing books. Do you? What do they like about the smell of books?

3. New Book Smell
Some say there is a new book smell that they can’t resist. What do you think?

4. No Dog Ears!
If it’s your own personal copy I don’t see anything wrong with dog ears to mark your spot but others find this absolutely unforgivable. What do you think?

5. NOT Cracking the Spine
Some people when I get a paperback book the first thing is to mark off every fifty pages by cracking the spine. Others find this a horrible practice and never crack the spine of a book. What do you think?

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