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5 Tips for Using the iPad – #fanfun

I asked my fan friends to share their tips for using an iPad and here’s what they had to say:

1) I love mine. Best tip is to schedule a “session” with the apple store.

2) Set up a free account at and set up a wish list there for your apps. They’ll send you email alerts when there’s a price drop on an app on your list! This is also a great site to check out app reviews.

3) You can set up folders so that you don’t have so many apps to look at. For example, I have a folder called NEWS and in that folder, I have my apps for the local news stations, CNN, NBC, etc. All you do is move one app on top of another and they create a folder. I don’t like a lot of clutter and really like setting my screens up this way.

4) Learn how to take screen shots. I use them for everything. Also if you need to reset ect Google it on your computer and find out how. My mom accidently put hers on Do Not Disturb, we googled why is there a moon symbol in the right upper corner , it told us what it was and how to fix it. Love my iPhone 6 + the bigger one for senior eyesight.

5) Apple welcomes calls, in fact they make you feel as if you have made their day. ( iPhone users you too, Apple told me a cell phone store is a retail business, they know a little about a lot of products so in the future just call them for questions ) There also is a web site called OS X Daily that you can google and ask questions, they also have a daily email with hints, etc that you can sign up for.

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