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A heartwarming story about first love – #bookreviewer Salute

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Max Martinelli fell in Love when she spent her Junior year of College In Paris. Julien was a free spirited Artist and Max was studing to be an Architect- Julien lead her to believe he was crazy in Love with her. That was over three years ago now her life is stuck she can’t help wondering what could of been if she had gone back to Paris. Was Julien her Destiny or just part of the magic of Paris? After attending a Bad New Years Eve party which ends in disaster. She decides to go back to Paris and find Julien! Anne her BFF thinks it’s a bad idea and tries to talk her out of going. But Max leaves for Paris and is surprised by what she finds.Did she find Julien? Did it lead to Happily ever after for Max? A Heartwarming story about First Loves and the Memories we keep.