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A #MustRead – #bookreviewer Salute

Passing through Perfect was both tragic and heartwarming. I loved how well the characters were written. I felt like I was part of the story. I smiled and laughed, then cried. It is so tragic that the color of a person’s skin would mean that they are any less of a person than someone else.

Benjamin was an amazing man. He took the knocks that life gave him and kept going. He could have become bitter and mean. He choose to take care of those who depended on him by honest hard work. Delia was a complex character. She seemed to feel the pains that came her way strongly. She was strong though and would eventually get back on track. Otis Church reminded of the grandfather we all wished we had. The Klaussner’s were an amazing couple. I loved how they looked at Benjamin’s heart and not his skin color.

After I finished this book, I wondered how many times I might have missed out on a friend because I judged by appearances instead of getting to know a person.

I highly recommend this book!