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A story of young love – #bookreviewer Salute

Bernadette on Goodreads says –

A story of young love, faith in that love, struggles and changes as each grows. Whether it be apart or the things that happened and weren’t wanted by a choice not certain you should make. Being unselfish and doing the right thing..sometimes for the wrong reason. Not listening and only hearing what you want to. It’s a roller coaster of life’s ups and downs,success and mistakes,broken hearts. About not leaving the past behind and the consequences it brings forth. The love and advice of others who you believe in and trust. To learn to love and believe in yourself. It is true friendships and family. Learning to let go and move on and enjoy life and life lessons you learned. Even if it takes awhile to figure it out. There is a lot of eye opening truths in this book, like the spark of a light bulb moment. Some parts hit home. The love endures, happiness happens. I highly recommend for your enjoyment to give this book a chance it deserves. I am thankful for Bette Lee Crosby for allowing me to read and review her book. It is a wonderful story.